Summary of Learning

This is it. The final assignment and probably the final blog post from the Samual the Copywriter. This has definitely been an enriching semester with many lessons in store. My first online class was a complete shake up of a normal format and to be honest I am not necessarily a fan. Now, I am different so if convenience and online learning are big for you, then by all means, take this course in an online format. I require structure and set times for work I’ve discovered. So towards the end I had to work to impose that on myself. It wasn’t always easy, but now I know. As far as creativity goes, my creativity manifests itself differently and can’t be truly practiced and perfected in an online format. I prefer being active and engaged with a professor in person, so I made it a point to speak with Adam in his office several times. The final assignment, a summary of learning, was about taking what we learned and applying it to a general overview of the class. I chose the print ads medium and made a comical ad campaign that used animals to convey the message that Advertising Copy and Layout is a class about creativity. These are their stories DUN DUN



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